Friday, July 2, 2010

CNN Election Coverage

Agency: Civic Entertainment Group
Client: CNN

This is a branding story that will likely be retold in every college marketing classroom for years to come. CNN left no detail uncovered when it claimed ownership of both the Democratic and Republican conventions, as well as election night. To assert what it calls its leading position as the epicenter of political news, CNN overtook a bar/restaurant at each of the two conventions and completely rebranded them with everything CNN, from the outdoor signage and table umbrellas down to the menu of “CNN Prime” angus burgers, Left/Right Wing Buffalo Wings, “CNN Brew” beer and 45 HD TVs tuned into CNN. A lucrative A-list of media, political and industry leading guests invited to fill the rooms reported the locations as the “hottest spot at the convention”.

Hosting an “open” party in Times Square on election night, CNN captured the attention and hearts of all constituents. Two jumbotrons reported CNN’s election coverage, while a party went on all around them. An iReport booth added a social media effect by letting viewers file their own news segments to; comedian D.L. Hughley performed; and even pretzels and hot chocolate were branded with the CNN logo.

The event generated more than 100 media stories as well as media impressions in the tens of millions. CNN was #1 most-watched network during the DNC and RNC conventions among adults 25-54 and adults 18-49 and garnered the most ratings on election night, beating out all other cable and broadcast networks.