Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The White Rabbit Campaign

Agency: Fallon Worldwide
Client: Syfy

Cable network Syfy wanted to solidify its position and give its ratings one last boost before year-end. It chose to focus on Alice, a modern-day remake of the classic Alice in Wonderland

Research showed that the white rabbit was the first thing people recalled from the classic. In the Syfy version, the white rabbit was a dark-suited assassin with the head of a giant white rabbit, hired by the Queen of Hearts. They made the updated rabbit the focus of the campaign and invited the audience to “follow the white rabbit” on a multi-media adventure both online and off. 

The network placed rich media banners on prominent websites, from which the white rabbit jumped out of the banners, ran across the page and down a digital rabbit hole in search of Alice, where users were beckoned to follow. A trail of faux microsites, each teasing prominent elements and characters directly from the movie, led participants to the Alice page at Syfy.com. The audience broadcasted their experiences to their peers, uploading hundreds of videos, photos, and tweets, multiplying the message, as well as adding their personal anecdotes.

The white rabbit was also taken off the web and onto the streets of New York in night-time video projections that showed him climbing, running and jumping across historic building fa├žades such as the Fashion Institute of Technology, The Maritime Hotel and the former Union Square Virgin Megastore.

The Friday before the premiere, 50 street team members dressed as the updated rabbit invaded the streets of New York. Hundreds of tweets, photos, and videos were posted by people who ran into one of them. Twitter, OOH and on-air plugs drove interested consumers to http://twitter.com/whiterabbitinc to participate in chatter and buzz.

In the end, the Alice premiere beat ratings expectations and historical benchmarks in key demos and markets. It became the highest rated and most watched Sunday night on Syfy since 2007, with a total of 3 million viewers. Over 650,000 visits were made to the faux microsites, with 1.4 million clicks through to syfy.com.

Adult Swim & Kia Soul

Agency: Turner Broadcasting
Client: Kia

Kia was launching the Soul as a new vehicle in the Spring of 2009. The brand wanted to create awareness and drive people to the Kia Soul website for more information and to dealerships for purchase.

Turner Broadcasting’s Adult Swim online property orchestrated a two-phased, multi-platform promotional campaign using customized tactics across on-air, online, national sweepstakes, social media and PR. 

The campaign conveyed that the Kia Soul went “beyond the box.” The message was designed to make the target audience feel that the vehicle would give them adult status but with the ability to personalize it to their own taste. The team partnered with an underground street artist to paint a Soul in a vivid and unique way. The car would then be given away to viewers.

Time-lapsed photography captured Atlanta-based street artist Hense as he covered the new Kia Soul with Adult Swim-inspired street art. The team interviewed the artist about his work and his newest inspiration and housed all of the content on a Kia Soul branded microsite.

During a second phase, viewers were given the chance to enter a national sweepstakes and win the one-of-a-kind Adult Swim edition of the Kia Soul. Co-branded ad media consisted of 15 pre-roll videos and a custom branded content environment built within AdultSwim.com, including videos, interviews, a photo gallery and a link to the Kia Soul website.

Adult Swim hosted a national sweepstakes online where users could enter their information to win the Adult Swim-themed Kia Soul and could opt-in to receive more information about the vehicle. Adult Swim posted news and photos to its Facebook and Twitter pages and told fans where to find more information and enter the sweepstakes.
The event generated 53,528 impressions over two weeks, 85,500 sweepstakes entries and 9,200 opt-ins for Kia Soul information. 

Yahoo! Yodel Studio

Agency: Yahoo!
Client: In-House

The Yahoo! Buzz Marketing team was tasked with creating a nontraditional marketing extension to support the company’s “It's Y!ou” global advertising initiative that would connect people with the Yahoo! brand, make it personally relevant and enable them to widely and easily share their self expression with others.

To address this challenge, the team took one of Yahoo!'s most recognizable assets – its signature yodel – and gave it back to the people by giving them the opportunity to personalize the Yahoo! yodel. 

In a worldwide casting call, Yahoo!’s Buzz Marketing team searched for the best personal expressions of the Yahoo! yodel, with the best being featured on the Yahoo! homepage.

Yahoo! Yodel Studios were built in New York, London, Mumbai and online, where, on October 13th, passers-by could cut their own yodel rendition. Each live location offered help from celebrity mentors such as Randy Jackson and Jewel. 

In conjunction with the studio on Military Island in New York’s Times Square, Yahoo! built a multi-level stage atop the Hard Rock Cafe marquee, with six individual areas that housed an eclectic mix of musicians. The yodelers were able to guide the house band, with the help of the artist and musical director in various genres. All yodels were uploaded to Yahoo! for judging.

Also, through a microsite, online users could record and upload their own yodel rendition, view, vote, share and comment on featured yodelers and download mobile phone yodel ringtones. Updates were announced via Yahoo! and social media sites when yodels were created, commented on, shared and received Gold and/or Platinum status.

Over 30 days, 21,000 yodels were uploaded, 50 of which went “gold” (1,000+ views) and three of which went “platinum”. The site attracted 1.1 million visitors, 6.5 million views, 3.8 million video views, 13,600 comments, and 11,707 votes. Over 128,000 yodel ringtones were downloaded, while people spent an average of 5:17 minutes on the microsite.