Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Samsung 3D TV “Liberation Day”

Agency: Jack Morton/Weber Shandwick
Client: Samsung

samsung 3d tv day

First to market with its 3D LED TV, Samsung wanted to get the word out quickly and grab the leadership position. They launched the campaign to drive home the message that “Samsung 3D TV liberates television content into a new dimension.”

The event took place in Times Square, the heart of New York City. A surprise concert was held by the Black Eyed Peas and filmed in 3D by Avatar film director James Cameron and his crew, which brought to life the concept that content had been liberated from the bondage of 2D. The stage was designed as a giant TV screen. The concert was choreographed so The Black Eyed Peas would appear trapped within a 2D TV frame before breaking out into 3D. Samsung logos in the backdrop kept the brand in every snapshot and video.

Stage construction drove prior buzz. Thirty minutes prior to the concert, a countdown clock appeared on video screens in Times Square building additional excitement. In addition, the concert was leaked on Twitter.

In addition, four buses were wrapped with Samsung 3D LED TV graphics announcing the arrival of the world’s first 3D LED TV. At high-traffic stops, the b-boys, a male breakdancing troupe, jumped out and began dancing, starting out flat – trapped in 2D – and then moving into 3D. The Samsung bus backdrop was captured in all film footage and photography.

At a VIP Samsung-blue carpet event, which hosted celebrities such as Donald Trump and Hillary Duff, The Black Eyed Peas, James Cameron and others wore Samsung 3D glasses to demonstrate 3D’s coolability.

Roughly 25,000 people showed up to the Times Square event, second only in size to New Year’s Eve. The program scored nearly 2.5 billion impressions with an estimated advertising value of  $32 million. More than 4,000 media placements ran in every major global market.

Coke Happy Music

Agency: Momentum Worldwide
Client: Coca-Cola

coke Happy Music

Coca-Cola has an 83% share of the Japanese cola market and a 52% share of the carbonated beverage market, but retailers’ excessive power, among other things, has been pushing prices down for the past two years. Coca-Cola has been able to fend off these price challenges, but a strong marketing plan is needed to continue to maintain and grow. 

Coke was looking for a mobile-based program for 16-24 year olds that would acquire new users, increase use among existing Coke enthusiasts; strengthen Coke’s position as the leading brand; build its affinity with music and engage its retail partners. 

For the first time, they inscribed the inside of 300cl and 500cl PET bottle caps with unique IDs allowing promotion participants to provide proof of purchase and easily register. Each bottle provided users with one point that could be used toward an instant music track download for themselves and a second one they could email to a friend. 

Nine local talent performances strengthened Coca-Cola’s involvement with the local community. The venues were branded and exclusive one-off merchandise was sold. The promotion was supported by a regionalized national campaign that included TV, vending machines, in-store communications, print and digital tie-ins. 

Overall, more than 5 million codes were entered from 400,000 participants. Roughly 18,000 people attended the live performances. Eight percent of attendees increased their use of Coke.

Lunchable’s “Lunch Your Tummy Right” Program

Agency: Pierce
Client: Lunchables


Market research showed that both kids and moms held reservations about Lunchables. Kids 6-12 thought that while Lunchables looked fun, they weren’t sure that the food in them was something they’d like to eat. Moms were concerned that Lunchables was better for a special treat than an everyday lunch option. The challenge was to change these perceptions through sampling and incredible experiences.

The “Lunch Your Tummy Right Tour” was designed to give kids the opportunity to try and succeed at incredible adventures fueled by the energy that Lunchables provides. 

The program included two mobile tours that visited 89 events across 28 fairs and festivals and nine retail events. At the tour, kids were granted membership to the Anti Grumble Association – a community dedicated to fighting empty rumbling tummies with Lunchables meals. 

To join the AGA, kids had to complete a series of activities such as performing on the Lunchables Stage, scaling the ultimate climbing wall at Grumble Mountain and playing a pizza toss game.

In addition, a catering vehicle wrapped with Lunch Your Tummy Right graphics served up Lunchables samples. The Lunchables Cool Bus became the visual icon and backdrop for the tour. Special appearances were made by Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson at Camp Woodward, BMXer Dennis Enarson and sports videographer John Considine. 

The program generated 255,253 consumer engagements, more than 1.9 million on-site impressions, 2.5 million mobile impressions and 24 million media impressions. More than 247,000 samples were distributed. A post-event analysis indicated a 120% ROI for the overall program.

The Cheesecake Factory & Feeding America Drive

Agency: STAGE Active-Brand Marketing
Client: The Cheesecake Factory®

cheesecake factory

In light of the economic downturn, The Cheesecake Factory, a long-time supporter of community hunger relief, which operates 146 restaurants, wanted to amplify its partnership with hunger-relief agency Feeding America. The Cheesecake Factory took its message of hunger relief on the road, visiting 30 cities in 30 days for the “Drive Out Hunger” Tour.

As part of September’s “Hunger Action Month,” The Cheesecake Factory launched the “You dine, we donate” event; for every person who brought in a can of soup when dining, the restaurant chain donated 10% of their check to local food banks. Cheesecake enthusiasts also received a complimentary slice of Stefanie’s Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake when they donated. 

The tour included appearances from actor David Arquette – chairman of Feeding America’s Entertainment Council, as well as a live performance by Tamar Kaprelian (a former Cheesecake Factory employee) whose hit single, “New Day,” served as the tour’s anthem. 

Press included live radio feeds, a press conference in Washington, DC, Entertainment Tonight, local morning TV shows, newspaper and digital media. A micro-site encouraged people not on the tour route to donate.
In total, more than 392,000 cans of soup were donated and more than 641 million media impressions were achieved for a great cause.