Monday, August 30, 2010

alli & Wynonna-my story, my alli

Agency: Draftfcb
Client: GlaxoSmithKline

Alli & Wynonna

Over-the-counter weight-loss product alli was suffering from slowing sales since its 2007 launch. In addition, they were challenged with reaching consumers who were ready to make the commitment to eat and live healthier lives. GlaxoSmithKline wanted to do something that would make an emotional connection and get people inspired about the brand.

Meanwhile, country singer Wynonna Judd, an actual user, approached alli about endorsing the product because she was excited about the difference it made in her life. The agency leveraged her experience through an integrated, mobile campaign featuring the “My Story, My alli” experience. The bus tour worked in tandem with Wynonna’s U.S. concert dates and built momentum through TV, print and promotional elements featuring Wynonna.

Between March and April, the bus made 39 stops, including Wynonna concerts, retail visits, festivals, and health-related runs or walks, where more than 4,000 people interacted with alli. Consumers learned about alli, watched a video about Wynonna’s inspiring story, spoke with dietitians and made a pledge to live a healthier life. The bus experience was supported at

Overall, 31% of people who visited the alli experience recorded their story. Of those, 9% were enrolled in the 1-2-3 Start Plan and an additional 2% enrolled via email. Most people left extremely positive and inspiring messages, particularly with regard to Wynonna and her alli journey. Several people reported already losing weight with the help of alli.