Sunday, August 29, 2010

California Lottery Replay Program

Agency: Alcone Marketing Group
Client: California Lottery

Over the past few years, the California Lottery has experienced a phenomenon called “jackpot fatigue,” by which players have become used to higher and higher jackpots and it takes an especially high jackpot to prompt consumer participation and purchase.

At the same time, players have been feeling that the chance of winning is astronomically against them. Even with scratch-offs, which have better odds, players are desensitized and do not expect to win. Frequent and loyal players are looking for more opportunities to win and look forward to the excitement and anticipation of winning.

Alcone created the Lottery Replay program, in which “every 2nd counts.” To participate, new scratch games included a code that could be entered online at for additional chances to win. The program rewarded frequent and loyal Lottery players with increased odds of winning. In addition, every three months, the Lottery conducted a drawing of all eligible codes, and 10 winners each received $1,000.

The program was supported with in-store POS and email blasts to the Lottery database, including a photo contest designed to spark interest, in which people could send in funny photos from memories they wish they could redo, for a chance to win cash prizes. Over the first eight months of the program’s existence, the Lottery offered three additional cross-promotions, providing players with a third way to win.

The Lottery achieved their goal of developing a loyalty program that delivered consistent ways for players to engage with the Lottery after buying a either a winning or losing ticket. The program generated more than 2.5 million unique visitors who went to the website more than 6.3 million times with an average visit of between six and 14 minutes. More than 39.7 million codes were entered. The program is ongoing.