Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Coke Happy Music

Agency: Momentum Worldwide
Client: Coca-Cola

coke Happy Music

Coca-Cola has an 83% share of the Japanese cola market and a 52% share of the carbonated beverage market, but retailers’ excessive power, among other things, has been pushing prices down for the past two years. Coca-Cola has been able to fend off these price challenges, but a strong marketing plan is needed to continue to maintain and grow. 

Coke was looking for a mobile-based program for 16-24 year olds that would acquire new users, increase use among existing Coke enthusiasts; strengthen Coke’s position as the leading brand; build its affinity with music and engage its retail partners. 

For the first time, they inscribed the inside of 300cl and 500cl PET bottle caps with unique IDs allowing promotion participants to provide proof of purchase and easily register. Each bottle provided users with one point that could be used toward an instant music track download for themselves and a second one they could email to a friend. 

Nine local talent performances strengthened Coca-Cola’s involvement with the local community. The venues were branded and exclusive one-off merchandise was sold. The promotion was supported by a regionalized national campaign that included TV, vending machines, in-store communications, print and digital tie-ins. 

Overall, more than 5 million codes were entered from 400,000 participants. Roughly 18,000 people attended the live performances. Eight percent of attendees increased their use of Coke.