Thursday, August 12, 2010

“LG Transform To Something Better” Consumer Sweeps

Agency: Alcone Marketing Group
Client: LG

LG introduced the Versa in 2009. While the Versa offered an immersive user experience, it was not technically a smart phone. This presented a marketing challenge, given that the young male target audience viewed themselves as early adopters of technology.

Since the Versa could not compete head-to-head with smart phones in functionality, launching it would rely less on specs and more on building unique engagement opportunities around consumer passion points.

Research uncovered that the target audience wanted to be both a technology and entertainment insider. To achieve both goals, LG leveraged a partnership with Paramount Studios for the release of “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” during the summer season. Like the transformers themselves, LG felt its Versa packed features that couldn’t be appreciated on first glance but needed a deeper look.

To capture the target’s attention, they used the voice of character Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) for a viral mobile engagement experience entitled “Transform To Something Better.” The promotion gave consumers an opportunity to send customized voice greetings to their friends and family from Optimus Prime. The mobile engagement also served as an entry point into a sweepstakes with prizes that included a rare Transformers Edition LG Versa phone.

Touch points included in-store, voice, mobile sweeps, an online microsite, banner ads on and a trade incentive program for Verizon employees on Larger-than-life 3D standees of Optimus Prime at retail instructed consumers to “Command The Call To Win It All!”

Tying into the movie brand, LG gave customers the opportunity to “transform” themselves. The unique engagement resulted in securing POS placement in 6,500 Verizon stores, exceeding sales at Verizon by 23 percent during the promotion period and generating 50,000 unique participants and 93,466 unique engagements, outdoing goal by 86 percent.