Monday, August 23, 2010

Littlest Pet Shop Pets on Parade

Agency: BARD Advertising
Client: Hasbro

Hasbro, the second largest toy manufacturer in the world, produces the Littlest Pet Shop (LPS). Since its redesign in 2005, the sales of LPS products have increased from $60 million to $600 million. However, with the addition of category SKUs, growth of new products for girls and continuing growth of new retail channels, Hasbro was challenged with maintaining its category leadership.  

Hasbro asked its agency, BARD Advertising to develop a Walmart-specific LPS promotion for February 2010 that would complement the national LPS Pets on Parade website, running January thru July 2010. On the website, girls could create and build their own LPS parade, upload photos and enter to win prizes. The goal was to drive existing and new LPS consumers to Walmart to increase sales and showcase the entire brand line.

BARD developed the LPS Pets on Parade Event – a one day, three-hour, in-store parade in 2,000 Walmart Supercenters. To drive awareness, a targeted direct mail campaign was sent to 1.4 million households and a back-cover ad was placed in women’s magazine All You. In addition, the LPS brand page was used to promote the event.

During the parade, girls received premiums including free Walmart-exclusive LPS Pets on Parade bags, flags, posters, sticker sheets and official LPS diary stickers. A Sales Specialist dressed in a pink LPS Pets on Parade apron greeted girls and their families at the store entrance, then led the parade of children throughout the Walmart store pointing out the LPS products including Nintendo DS and Wii games in the electronics department owned by partner Electronic Arts. The LPS parade ended in the toy department where the girls and their families were greeted by a second Sales Specialist and were introduced to the newest and Walmart exclusive LPS pets.

To increase traffic and fun, Hasbro partnered with EA to promote LPS licensed Nintendo DS and Wii games. Each child received a 10-day trial membership to To add excitement and value, a photo opportunity allowed girls to get their picture taken in front of an LPS Pets on Parade 10’ x 6’ backdrop which would print out at the Walmart Photo Center and be placed in a custom frame. Other LPS-branded items were cross-promoted to parents to increase purchase.

Overall, the LPS Pets on Parade event produced the highest total sales for any Hasbro toy or game brand for a Saturday, with Walmart stores generating a 61% lift in sales from the previous month. More than 210 million impressions were generated, while saw a 307% increase in unique visitors over the previous month.