Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lunch Is on Us

Agency: Wunderman Chicago
Client: Kraft DiGiorno

DiGiorno wanted to attract convenience-oriented adults who do not buy DiGiorno Single Serve, shop at least two or more of the categories of Single Serve Frozen Meals (sandwiches, pizza and/or entrees), are in a non-weight-management category, buy premium brands and get carryout from restaurants or pizzerias. The agency put together a sampling program called “Lunch Is on Us.”

The objective of the campaign was to compete effectively against the cold, deli-bought lunch by replacing it with a hot, fresh home-baked DiGiorno Flatbread melt. A multi-faceted sampling strategy was used with Chicago as the main focus. The first phase was “Lunch Is on Us in the Office”, where 18 companies with 1,000 employees were selected and served free lunch for two weeks.

For the second phase, “Lunch Is on Us in Chicago,” Wunderman transformed Pioneer Plaza (401 N. Michigan Avenue) into a delicious takeout experience without the takeout price -- everyone who came received a free full-sized Flatbread Melt. A 40’x40’ branded ground graphic, among other graphics, drew people’s attention along with hand-crafted Flatbread Melt benches and branded tables that were brought in. A newspaper buy spread the word, while wallpaper content transmitted to people’s Bluetooth devices within a limited geographic area.

Overall, the office invitation generated a 31% response rate resulting in 1,106 lunches; an additional 2,400 were served outdoors; and a total of 3,700 coupons were distributed. The event generated 256 blog posts and 217 tweets.