Monday, September 27, 2010

Coors Intros Aluminum Pint

Aug 31, 2010
- Brandweek Staff

Coors, which has goosed sales over the last few years with various packaging gimmicks, is introducing a new one: Coors Light Silver Bullet Aluminum Pint.

The 16 oz. product, which showcases a picture of the brand's Rocky Mountain imagery on the can when it hits the proper temperature, makes its official debut on Sept. 1.

Coors will back the launch with a cause marketing pitch dubbed "Pass the Pint for Charity,"  benefiting the Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater new Orleans and Acadiana. As part of that push, consumers who visit the Coors Light Facebook page can digitally "pass" a Coors Light Silver Bullet Aluminum Pint to a friend. Famed quarterback Ron Jaworski is starring in that effort.

The latest packaging comes after numerous product intros over the past few years, including a Cold-Activated bottle in 2007 that displayed the Rocky Mountain imagery when the bottle was stored at the right temperature. Coors sibling, Miller Lite, also introduced a "Vortex Bottle" this spring that creates a convex pattern when beer is poured.