Friday, August 27, 2010

Advertising Week Event Activation

Agency: Momentum Worldwide
Client: Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising wanted to create buzz and a unique experience for attendees at Advertising Week with its recently launched brand campaign, “The Unified Theory of Advertising.” They were also the lead sponsor for MIXX/IAB and wanted to break through conference clutter and ignite new interest in Microsoft’s business advertising solutions.
To create the perception that Microsoft Advertising was everywhere and to demonstrate the power of unifying, 1,000 red RFID bracelets were given to registered visitors, providing real-time information for personalized interaction with each wearer, including pulling them to the front of a line, giving them VIP seats at conference events, providing free rides in Microsoft’s pedi-cabs and allowing entry to The LOFT party. The red color tied in with Microsoft Advertising’s new RED identity. When the number of bracelet holders who scanned in reached critical mass, the Microsoft “unified theory” was proven and XBOX and ZUNE prizes were given away.

Users could follow online via a live, interactive Bing map tracking event attendance and Twitter feeds, sign up for text alerts when events approached critical mass, or check out other things that were happening in real time.

The unified theory was strengthened within the advertising community throughout weeklong communication streams. The RFID bracelets created a cohesive experience, allowing attendees to feel that they were part of the Microsoft Advertising community. The campaign also gave the sales team an ownable experience to work with, while the RFID registration drew in new potential partners. 

Overall, the campaign and experience generated 12,000 brand impressions, 21 unique brand footprints, 452 opt-ins and 893 RFID registrants. Twelve out of the 16 events achieved critical mass.