Friday, August 27, 2010

Cinemax High Def’n Awesome

Agency: Civic Entertainment Group
Client: Cinemax

Cable network Cinemax, which runs in 12 million households, was breaking a consumer ad campaign “High Def’n Awesome” to tout its best-in-class HD service and fourth-quarter line up of HD films. The network wanted to raise the energy for operators in affiliate partners’ call centers and help them internalize the consumer advertising message.
Call center operators have stressful jobs, handling 40-70 calls a day selling cable service packages to consumers. 

They’re flooded with product information that’s tough to absorb and remember. To give them an idea of what the customers would experience, High Def’n Dance Crews recruited from high profile acts such as Janet Jackson and Avril Lavigne – staged surprise performances in call center break rooms and lobbies, engaging operators for 20-40 minutes with their dance moves and a custom rap song touting the benefits of Cinemax’s 1080i HD and new fourth-quarter programming line-up.

Operators enjoyed the experience, posing for photos, taking part in mini dance-offs and competing for branded prizes, including t-shirts and movie vouchers.

Every major cable affiliate participated, including AT&T, Charter, Comcast, Cox, Time Warner and Verizon, and more than 8,000 operators in 18 markets were directly engaged. Overall, Cinemax sales through call centers increased 12% during the campaign period.