Friday, August 27, 2010

U-Drive Regional Direct Response Program

Agency: Fathom Communications
Client: Navistar, Inc.

Navistar International Corporation, which produces International brand commercial trucks and MaxxForce brand diesel engines, as well as truck and diesel engine service parts, relies on International truck dealers to move current inventory in preparation for new 2010 models.

Research showed that small fleet customers were still unfamiliar with the upcoming 2010 emissions reduction changes and the company’s Advanced EGR technology solution. With the economic depression, not only were companies’ trucks sitting for lack of business, but they were cutting costs in all areas. The good news was, they were still planning for the future and knew that if a good deal came along on the perfect truck, they would consider it, fearing that emissions changes would drive up prices in January.

Objectives were to support International’s marketing efforts in a down economy, capture data from hard-to-reach small customers, generate leads and drive sales by providing education on 2010 emissions. The agency provided up to 1,000 contacts of long-haul fleet managers and small to medium-sized business owners with a fleet size of 299 or less for 33 participating dealers for a year-long communications plan.

The program had three phases, starting with a self-mailer, which drove customers and prospects to a personalized URL to learn more about 2010 emissions changes and the benefits of MaxxForce Advanced EGR, with the ability to download special offers from their local dealer.  Reminder emails were also sent out to encourage customers to see their dealer and take advantage of limited-time offers. Mailers were highly customized with dealer logos, a list of locations, a personal letter, special offers and inventory photos.

Telemarketing was used to reach out to a portion of the audience to encourage them to complete the online survey, to help capture data. In each communication, the dealer was positioned as their business partner and 2010 emissions expert.

The program generated a total of 1,536 responses – a 1.9% response rate – and collected 1,369 new email addresses with 80% of the audience choosing to opt-in to the company’s monthly e-newsletter. From the personalized URLS and telemarketing surveys, 1,560 leads were generated and 1,584 trucks were sold.